by Attrition




Recorded sometime in late November 2013 (I think) by Spatt Patterson in the "Anus Manor". We only ever recorded three songs out of the eight songs we played.


released 26 May 2014

Jon - Vocals
Sam - Bass
Callum - Guitar
Emma - Guitar
Angus - Drums




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Attrition Victoria, British Columbia

We were a band from roughly May 2013 to December and played four or five shows. Enjoy! :)


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Track Name: R. B. C.
Invest with delusion in Canada's largest finacial institution.
Investing in prisons, tarsands bitumen; funding resource extraction with 6.9 billion.

Racist employment and accounting policies. Skin colour's what they care about, as much as capital and property.
Hiring foreign workers so they can pay them dirt; destroying life on earth as long as the economy isn't hurt.

Burn them out!

They'll respond with,
We'll respond with,
I'll respond with,
We'll respond with Falme!

Now finally in B.C. someone's set the standered, but the face of the action is subject to slander.
Spreading misleading bullshit about public safety, as if this act of liberation could hurt their community.

Racist Bigot Capitalists!
Track Name: Waste
Trudging through waste,
weighed down by hate;
devision, segrigation,
walls of concrete.

Metal ghettos,
industrial district.
Population bled through taxes
for the nations deficit.

Bodies broken on the sidewalk,
I don't have the strength to brush them off,
nor do I have the means to help them;
I'm another hurting human in the game of capitalism.

Don't play their game, deny their rule.

The system was built so that they win and you lose.

For many the only salvation seems to be found in material wealth.

Living in this land of freedom for me is a living hell.

Trudging through waste, weighed down by hate.
Track Name: The Psycho Squat (Rudimentary Peni)
Couldn't stand Dummy and Maddy no more,
that's why I had to go to the Psycho Squat.

Now the Fleas carry blood around my body...
The winning Spiel goes round and round,
the mass Debate Never ends.